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Round 11 report
Sunday, 23 May 2010
230510_eljanov-web-1p.jpgTeimour Radjabov vs. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov   1-0

Radjabov regained chances to qualify for the candidates matches after this game. Let us remind you that the main contenders for the qualification spot are Radjabov, Wang Yue, Vugar Gashimov, Peter Leko, and Dmitry Jakovenko.

In the Exchange Variation of the Ruy Lopez Mamedyarov employed a rare continuation, but White got a small advantage. Radjabov developed strong initiative following Black’s unsuccessful queen maneuver on the 19th move. The game transposed to a queen ending with a remote passed pawn for White. Black was short on time and committed the decisive error on the 38th move. Mamedyarov resigned immediately due to inevitable loss of the kingside pawns.

Vassily Ivanchuk vs. Pavel Eljanov   ½:½

The top seed Ukrainian player did not torture his teammate – the game was drawn already on the 25th move. In the opening Ivanchuk showed an interesting plan in the Queen’s Indian Defense, which created certain problems for Black – White’s pieces were quite active. However, on the 20th move Ivanchuk went for simplifications that led to a completely equal ending.

Evgeny Alekseev vs. Peter Svidler   ½:½

The five-time Russian champion Peter Svidler selected the Sheveningen Sicilian, which he does not use that often. Alekseev avoided the sharpest lines and went for a quiet game. Black comfortably carried out the freeing break in the center, which led to massive exchanges. On the 22nd move the game was drawn.

Ruslan Ponomariov vs. Vugar Gashimov   1-0

Ponomariov avoided Gashimov’s main weapon – the Benoni Defense, and went for the English Opening schemes. By the 14th move White carried out an exchange operation in the center and obtained a significant advantage thanks to Black’s reckless play. Gashimov needed to show his defensive resourcefulness, however, he was unable to play perfectly in the time trouble. White improved his position and invaded the enemy camp with his rook. On the 47th move Gashimov resigned.
Ernesto Inarkiev vs. Wanf Yue   ½:½

The Russian player suffered four losses in a row in the previous rounds, so no wonder he selected a very safe line against the Petroff. The game uneventfully advanced to an equal rook ending. The game continued until the 53rd move, but neither side had any winning chances.

Dmitry Jakovenko vs. Boris Gelfand   ½:½

The Russian grandmaster showed an improvement in the Petroff line that was played in Leko-Gelfand in Astrakhan. The Israeli grandmaster did not react in the best way, and Jakovenko could force to a heavy-piece ending with an extra pawn. However, instead he went for a queen ending, where Black had sufficient resources to hold. On the 49th move Gelfand sacrificed a pawn and created an unbreakable fortress. The game was drawn in four more moves.

Peter Leko vs. Vladimir Akopian   ½:½

After 20 theoretical moves in the Open Variation of the Ruy Lopez White obtained a slight advantage, however, Black could hold the position with accurate play. Akopian demonstrated the required accuracy, traded a few pieces, and parried all White’s attempts to play for a win in the ending. The game was drawn on the 46th move.
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